Finalele Doha World Cup


Puteți urmări competiția aici (câteodată nu merge) | Link de rezervă 1  | Link de rezervă 2 Link de rezervă 3 (Brazilian TV)

Competiția se va desfășura în intervalul 15-18 în ambele zile (ora României). Rezultatele din calificări le puteți găsi aici.

28 Martie | 15:00-18:00: WAG VT  și UB / MAG FX, PH, SR

29 Martie | 15:00-18:00: WAG BB și FX / MAG VT, PB, HB 

Original Text:

Official link (sometimes does not work) | Alternate 1 | Alternate 2

Time listed in local Doha, Qatar (GMT+2)… so 16:00 is 9:00 EST time.  The program should last until 19:00 on both days, assuming that they broadcast the entire event finals. You can find the qualifying results here.

March 28th | 16:00-19:00: WAG VT and UB / MAG FX, PH, SR

March 29th | 16:00-19:00: WAG BB and FX / MAG VT, PB, HB

Note: Start could aso be 15:30, so it may be wise to tune in a little earlier. This is the best information I have talking with the Doha FB page, but I’m not 100% confident since there are two different schedules posted on Al Kass. I’ll be available during the time of the stream and will post any updates then.  

EDIT: Alternate 3 (Brazilian TV)



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